Decorative Baobab Trees Made with Xara Web Designer To place an order: Contact Sandra on 015-575-9946 The Limpopo Baobab Tree The Baobab tree is the icon of Africa.  Often called the ‘up side down tree’ because of it’s haphazard branches, it is however one of the most magnificent trees on the African plains. The baobab tree dots the landscape of Limpopo with its majestic presence and seeing this tree in its natural environment is a must for every tourist who comes to South Africa. Local people protect the tree because of it’s importance in their daily lives.  The tree provides shelter from the sun, it’s leaves can be eaten like spinach, it’s fruit provide a rich source of Vitamin C, it’s bark can be used to make rope and its seeds for making oil.  Around every Baobab tree live a host of animals.  Monkeys clamber up its branches, leopards are sometimes seen resting on a limb, parrots and hornbills nest in holes in the tree and bats eat the pollen from the Baobab flowers. Where it all started A few years ago I made a Baobab tree for Christmas when I could not get hold of the traditional pine tree to decorate.  The tree that I made captured the imagination of everybody who visited me and I soon got an order for an almost life-size tree to display in a shopping centre.  From here on the orders started rolling in and I have not looked back.  I now produce trees for local curio shops, lodges and corporate companies.  I am now looking at the European market including exhibiting at the ‘Artigiano in Fiera’, Italy. The production of these Baobab trees has now become my passion.  This has allowed me to create jobs and to develop the creative skills of artists in the local community. How the trees can be used The trees are ideal to be used as indoor décor in rooms and areas where one wants to create a sense of Africa.  They can also be used as ‘African Christmas trees. Sizes The trees come in a variety of sizes: 10cm, 25cm, 50cm, 1m, 1 ½ m and larger.  Prices vary with size and cost of transport and packaging. Limpopo Baobab Trees are designed, created and inspired by Sandra Boshoff.