Lala our tame Eland Bushbuck ram Zebra Click thumbnail to enlarge Cheeky-pop the meerkat A Nyala ewe grazing in a patch of lucern Ponky the tame Warthog Eco-Tourism Made with Xara Web Designer Top Contact Sandra on 015-575-9946 Lala the Eland and Ponky the Warthog with Sandra Sandra - your tour guide Tame animals Tame animals on the farm After the Spring rains Velvet Spider The wonderful world of spiders and insects will elude us if we do not inspect these creatures from close by. The behaviour of the larger animals of which we are all aware of, is depicted in these tiny creatures. There are herbivores, predators, scavengers, cannibals and parasites, to name only a few. We see vast adaptations amongst those that are preyed upon to protect themselves as well as adaptations to the predators to be able to catch their prey. These creatures also use unbelievable means and strategies to inhabit and use their different habitats. Each and every insect or spider has a story to tell, if only, we are prepared to spend the time with them and try to unravel their complicated lives. Sandra’s motto is to look out for the smaller things around us. Game Drive Wild Fig Tree Ostrich & donky Young Sable Abutilon angulatum var. angulatum Abutilon sp. Acrotome inflata Amaranthus  praetermissus Aptosimum lineare Argemone ochroleuca Boerhavia cordobensis Chenopodium album Chenopodium sp.   Commicarpus pentandrus C. plumbagineus var. plumbagineus   Corchorus asplenifolius Crotolaria cf. damarensis Cucumis anguria var. longaculeatus Datura ferox Diclis petiolaris Endostemon tereticaulis Evolvulus alsinoides               Flaveria bidentis Geigeria  burkei subsp. burkei Gisekia africana Heliotropium ciliatum H. lineare Hermannia boraginiflora   H. modesta                                      Hermbstaedtia  odorata var. albi - rosea Hibiscus  micranthus var. micranthus H. physaloides H. trionum Hypertelis bowkeriana Indigofera  holubii Ipomoea magnusiana I.  sinensis subsp. blepharosepala Kyphocarpa angustifolia Leucas  sexdentata Limeum fenestratum L. sulcatum var. sulcatum   Lycium schizocalyx Maerue juncea subsp. crustata Momordica balsamina Ocimum americanum var. americanum O. filamentosum Pechuel-Loeschea leubnitziae Pergularia daemia var. daemia Phyllanthus angolensis Pupalia lappacea Ruellia  patula             Sesamum alatum S.  triphyllum var. triphyllum Sesuvium hydaspanicum Sida ovata Solanum catombelense S. tettense var. renschii Tephrosia species Trianthema salsoloides var. salsoloides Tribulus zeyheri  subsp. zeyheri Verbesina encelioides var. encelioides Vernonia cinerascens Waltheria indica Withania somnifera (Poison gooseberry - nie in veldgids)   Zaleya pentandra FORBS, CLIMBERS, & Dwarf Shrubs